Enter the magestic realm of photography with us.

IUT Photographic Society (IUTPS) is an open platform through which the students of IUT can express their mind through the art of photography and related visual media. Evaluation of the talented minds not only help students to involve in an extracurricular activity besides their studies but also proudly represent IUT by participating in exhibitions of renowned universities.

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Our Story

We started our glorious journey in 2010, following the path paved by some amazing young ambitious minds.

The beginning of IUTPS

IUTPS was formed in 2010 by the then students of Islamic University of Technology. The founding members had unconditional love for photography, that led them to create a platform for everyone, where anybody could practice and enhance their caliber. Gradually it became a temporary escape for the engineering students from their monotonous life with busy schedule. Within short range of time it became popular to have a reflection of everyone's artistic minds through photography and became one of the prominent university photography clubs of Bangladesh.

But continuing photography or running a photography club during that time was not so easy. But with an invincible desire and sagacious vision, the then members continued building the club and organized the international exhibition "Break The Circle Season 1" in 2011. It is considered to be the dawn of our glorious journey.

the journey continues...

The most important task of a club should be encouraging the young minds towards their passion. Keeping this in mind we arrange sessions, photo walks, discussion events, intra photography exhibitions and so on. These work as vital catalysts for the members to continue taking photographs and growing knowledge by learning. Also we have "photo of the week" and "photo of the month" that work as appreciation for them. With everything, our main goal is to push the members closer to their passion, to find their own way through it. That's where our success lies in.

With the young and talented minds, we have a vision to grow more and put a value in the world of photography in international level. To glorify the name of our nation in the face of the globe.

Break The Circle

Break the circle is our signature event, that is being held every year, better than before and it is now one of the most prestigious photography exhibition

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Exhibition Scored
Exhibition Prizes
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We encourage the members to do all sorts of designing that includes making posters, magazines, banners, illustrations etc.


PHOTOGRAPHY & Cinematography

Being the main purpose of the club, photography and cinematography is always the center of activities in our club.



Managing different events in different times of the year enhance individuals caliber and increase capability of team work. This helps them in their professional life in many ways.


Photo of the months

Here we feature our best photo from that month, encouraging others capture great photos as well.

Jewel Paul

Back when, I was a young jewel paul, when nobody knew about me, IUTPS had given me the opportunity to beome the curator for Break The Circle Season 5, ever since then, I have been with IUTPS and I consider the club as my family as well


We start our yearly activities by organising fresher's of IUTPS and end by organising the international exhibition "Break The Circle". In between we have intra exhibitions, sessions, photo walks, open discussion events and so on.

Freshers' Reception

Organized for freshers
Introduction of IUTPS
Cakes & Snacks
Photography & IUTPS
A glimpse of what awaits
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Sessions LUMINA

Weekly Sessions
Weekly Assignments
Alumni Special Sessions
Indoor and outdoor sessions
Basic courses on photography
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Photowalk & Photo of the week

Visit different places.
Photo of the week is highlighted
Alumni of IUTPS are judges
Practicle photography
Exciting awards & prizes
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Exhibition Pronoia

Open for all current IUTians
Alumni of IUTPS are judges
Certificates and prizes
Special guests
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Break The Circle

Internation Exhibition
Renowned judges
Organizing for the 9th time
Certificates and prizes
Special guests
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Executive Commitee

We are Proud to Present The New Executive Committee of IUT Photographic Society (IUTPS) for the academic year 2018-2019